Quality, Function & Certification

What's the brand of chips?

E.shine grow light using name-brand Bridgelux, Epistar and Cree chips which not easy to burn out, super brighter and the rated life on all of our LEDs is over 50,000 hours. They are the professional manufacturer of LED grow light chips. The prices is more expensive than non-brand LED chip & small chip. Those LED cheaply made with only blue small led chips, then covered with red fluorescent powder. And these powder will fade as time goes on. What we used is original name brand one.

What's the spectrum of Eshine light? Does this light include UV&IR?

We’ve been built LED Grow light since from 2010, especially research and study on the spectrum, we create 11 band full spectrum for medical plant since 2011 while more and more user claim that only 630nm/660nm red plus blue 450nm does not make sense for flowering, they do grow the tree well, but bad and small flower. We spent over a year to test many different spectra, also cooperated with many grow clubs, University labs to create the best 11 bands with a certain ratio. The final test results for medical plant are amazing! In 2012, under customers’ suggestion, we add certain white LEDs to make 12-band. White supplement special spectra by combined with different spectra. The light include UV&IR, UV LEDs is more expensie and materials all need anti-uv. UV is so important to thicken stems, leaves and flowers, also help to form anthcyanin. In order to help our customers get better growing results, we are constantly striving to research and study. For the current spectrum, the customer are happy with them, they are approved so great to grow medical plant, vegetables.

What's the advantagies of yours on function?

We are not only paying much attention to the quality, strive to achive more avant-grade function. Plants need different spectrum with different intensity for different stage. But our light comes with dimmers, free to adjust the brightness no need adjust the height of your light. Do not need the move the light up and down. The price of dimmer driver is more 3/2 per watt expensive than switch driver. And some of our light built in timer free to set the lighting time.

What's the certification you have?

We adhere to the business philosophy of “customer centered” and “quality win”, we committed to make the company modernization, scale and internationalization. The products passed CE, ROHS, ETL certification, hot selling in overseas market.

Does the light have a bulit in fan? It works noise?

The light built in high speed and quiet cooling fans with UL certification. In most small setups E.shine LED grow lights should not additional cooling. In larger commercial setups, depending on room configuration and number of units running in a confined space, some type of venting or exhaust may be needed to keep the grow room temperature within acceptable range.

E.shine has been over 10 years in this industry, what experience you have accumulated? what's value you can bring to us?

In the past years, we have met many problems when developing period, such as the LEDs and lens are burned out, the LEDs are slightly flicker. Therefore, our professional technical department constantly optimize raw materials, product structure, electronic circuit, and process, etc. The company has its own SMT and reflow machine, So far, We’ve got to know what cases will cause hidden troubles in product quality and how to control each process and make sure the stable quality. Some of issues will be easily happended after the light using over 6 month or 1 year if did not paying much attention to some production procedures. These were rich experiences we got. For now, our company has developed into a high-tech enterprise. We are more willing to share our experiences to help our customer and to make more grower enjoy the benefits.


Does your light do good on cannabis / marijuana plants?

We have 10 year experience in researching and designing LED grow lights for medical plants, especially for flowering. Based on our professional full spectrum, you will get 30% higher yields, faster growing times, 50% less energy.

Can I use this light starting from Seedling to flowering?

The light designed with different spectrum for seedling,vegging, flowering in different stage, all of our LED grow lights are working excellent for both Seedling, Vegging & flowering. Actually we do not suggest home growers to change the light, or move plants frequently, it is better to use one light from seedling to flowering.

Can I customize?

Yes, we offer OEM service. You can customize the color, logo and packaging. And also we offer free design.


What's the warranty and after-sales service?

Warranty of all our LED grow light is 3 years. Normally, the life period is 5 years normally. When there is small defective parts, we will send spare parts for the repair. We make sure good quality and services if any troubles of our products.

Where do you ship the lights and the delivery time?

US area: One of our warehouse located in IL, US. most of our model can pick up from our warehouse directly or we can arrange shipment door to door. It only take 3-4 shipping days to receive.
Out of US area: The light will shippping from our factory in China. Lead time of the sample order is within 24 hours after payment confirmed, within 1 week for bulk order.

What were your advantages with other competitors products ?

Regarding same level of technical and quality, our products have some advantages as below:
1. Technical engineers have long time working experiences who were from first top R&D team in grow lighting, also had strong innovation of products;
2. Strong capital were invested to new products these years, it were good satisfactories by clients for our new products released continuously ;
3. Advanced manuafacturing energy and quality control systems, to make sure good reputations between clients and us;
4. Economically costs control systems and held competitive prices terms;
5. Perfect sales and after services to supports fast developments of clients benefits.


Is easy to install them ?

Great for grow tents, a room, and greenhouses. This is also a great product for you if you want something that’s easy to install as it comes with everything you need (hangers, cords, carabiners).

What were your advantages with other competitors products ? And also bulk purchase preferential ?

Regarding same level of technology and quality, we have some competitive prices, especially for bulk purchase. As we have closly relations with good supplier over 10 years . ( There is no lowest price in China. Based on the quality and performance of our LED grow lights, you will get what you pay for. Our well-built grow light will enable your plants to thrive for a long time and our professional full spectrum ratio ensure to maximum yield. Appreciate for your support.
For bulk order, different quantity is with different price, please contact us sales@eelocal.local for the best price.)

How can I be your agent ?

We have business partners all over the world, according to the different markets, we have different requirement for the annual sales. But you can be our authorized distributor firstly, after the business volume reaches a certain amount and is stable, then you can apply to be the exclusive agent of a certain region or country.

What is the irradiated area ?

See the footprint for each fixture below: GM600 — 48″ — 6×6

What’s the PAR value of your lights?

10G Beehive–B6–12″– 4050

My tent 4x4 need this light, how many temperature are in the tent ?

When you use the light, the fan is always working, and the temperature of the light body will not exceed 35-40 degrees, so the temperature inside the tent will not exceed 30 degrees.

What were your advantages? It is cheaper than yours at Alibaba, right ?

High quality and competitive prices with same level of technology and quality.
It were not same absolutely with Alibaba products with the quality and specifications, tested samples to know details.