M27D Best Indoor Full Spectrum Led Grow Light Bulbs

$39.90 USD

Two Packs professtional M27 27 watts grow light bulb full specturm for indoor plants greenhouse fruits, vegetable, herbs and flowers garden growing(2 Packs 27 watts)

Mixed with 6 bands specifc spectrum with UV and IR, provide your plants with all wavelengths they need to grow healthy from seeding to bloom.

27W single COB led with 9 muti-chips, special surface convex optical lens with 90° beam angle provide an all-around light distribution. High quality Bridgelux and Epistar LED chips ensure long life.

High quality aluminum paired with specially designed heat sinks,can keep temperatures at the appropriate level for plant growth without worrying about heat increased.

The plant grow light bulb is easy to set up and use.Suitable for E27 socket, plug and play.

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