Plant lighting market scale in 2018-2022

In 2017, the market size of LED plant lighting is about 193 million US dollars, and the market size of LED products used is 52 million US dollars. It is estimated that by 2022, plant lighting LED lamps and packaging products will grow rapidly to 633 million US dollars and 151 million US dollars respectively, and the compound growth rate in 2018~2022 is 30% and 27% respectively.

In 2017, the global LED plant lighting market accounted for 35% of Europe. As major manufacturers gradually established plant factories in Europe, and governments in Europe such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom actively advocated the establishment of plant factories and proposed related subsidy policies. Market demand has led to a continued expansion of market share in Europe, reaching 37% in 2018, the largest proportion of the regional market.

The main crops grown in European plant factories are tomatoes, leafy vegetables (beets, etc.) and vanilla plants. The colorful and delicious varieties of the Netherlands are very popular, and consumer demand for Dutch tomatoes has soared. The main tomato producers are Duijvestijn, Rijk Zwaan and Incotec. Duijvestijn ranks first, with an annual production area of ​​15 hectares and a capacity of 10 million kg. The tomato planting process needs to be combined with agricultural technology partners, such as Priva to develop automated water and climate control systems; lighting manufacturers are mainly based on Philips Lighting (Signify).

Tomatoes do not require a specific photoperiod, but require strong illumination, with a suitable light intensity of 47,000 lux. More than 80,000 Lux or less than 10,000 Lux are not good for growth. Tomato is a warm vegetable. Generally, it can adapt to tomato growth in the temperature range of 15 to 35. The most suitable temperature is 20-30. When the tomato is transplanted and planted, the seedling size is consistent, the plants grow neatly, and the shading between the plants can be increased to increase the sunshine of the tomato.

Tomatoes are not strict with the number of hours of illumination, but 16 hours of light per day, the best growth of the plant, short-term sunshine can also grow normally. In production, you should maximize the number of hours of illumination or use artificial light to increase production.

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