How To Choose LED Plant Lamp Lamp Beads – 1 LED Production Process

The development of LED is attributed to the fact that in 1993 Japan Nichia Corporation realized the mass production of Blu-ray chips. The emergence of blue LEDs has opened up new areas of human lighting. With the development of LED technology, LED plant lights used in agricultural planting applications are also Initiated the era of innovation, the quality of LED plant lights and LED lamp beads have a close relationship, then how to choose a good LED lamp beads has become a top priority, the following articles will be analyzed in various aspects to help everyone clearer and deeper Understand the LED, and choose the LED plant lamp lamp beads suitable for the company’s products.

The manufacturing process of LED is complicated.

High technical content, in the whole process As long as there is a problem with one link , LED lamp beads lose quality performance .

This article focuses on the production process of LEDs:

LED chip production

LED chip production process

Epitaxial wafer growth

Chip production

LED epitaxial wafer growth technology mainly uses epitaxial wafers with semiconductor light-emitting characteristics produced by organic metal chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). Epitaxial wafers are the raw materials for manufacturing LED chips. The following figure shows the production process of epitaxial wafers using sapphire substrates:

The LED chip is manufactured by using an epitaxial wafer. The chip is a device for providing LED lamp bead packaging, which is a prerequisite for the quality of the LED lamp bead. The following figure shows the LED chip production process:

The LED lamp bead package is based on the application requirements of the LED lamp bead, and the chip is packaged on the corresponding bracket. The LED package determines the cost of the LED lamp bead. It is the key link of the LED lamp bead quality. The following figure shows the LED lamp packaging process.

LED package

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