How to apply for LED grow light ETL certification

ETL is the abbreviation of Electrical Testing Laboratories. The ETL laboratory was founded in 1896 by the American inventor Edison and enjoys a high reputation in the United States and around the world. Like UL and CSA, ETL can test and issue ETL certification marks according to UL standards or US national standards. It can also test and issue composite certification marks according to UL standards or US national standards and CSA standards or Canadian standards.

Any electrical, mechanical, or electromechanical product with an ETL mark indicates that the product has met the minimum requirements for generally recognized US and Canada product safety standards, and it has been tested to comply with relevant product safety standards; it also represents the consent of the manufacturing facility receive strict periodic inspections to ensure product quality consistency and can be sold to the US and Canada markets.

ETL also requires that its production site has been inspected and the applicant agrees to conduct periodic follow-up inspections of its factory to ensure that the product consistently meets this requirement.

The following fees will be paid for applying for ETL/cETL certification:

1. Inspection fee (depending on different products)

2. First factory inspection fee

3. Quarterly follow-up factory inspection fee

4. Quarterly certificate license fee

5. Annual fee for printing labels by yourself

6. Multiple listing annual fee (how to apply)

7. The above ETL follow-up service fees can be charged by the control number

For critical parts that have not been inspected and listed by the Nationally Recognized Laboratory (NRTL), we will require a random test and an annual review of the part, and the resulting costs will be borne by the applicant or the company concerned.

Apply for ETL/cETL certification time:

1. Predictive test: 1 week or so

2. The payment and the data to be organized for about 1 week

3. Witness test: 1 week

4. After witness test, and the factory is scheduled to be inspected around 1 week.

5. Pass the factory inspection and get the certification (about 5 weeks in total)

Information required to apply for ETL/cETL certification:

1. The circuit schematic (please note that its parameters must be consistent with the nameplate, the instructions)

2. Printed circuit layout, part location map

A. products with electronic circuits, must provide

B. If the electronic components such as electronic switches and dimmers are already certified, may not be provided.

3. English manual (the manual must have the name of the factory or trademark, item No., parameters, installation methods and necessary safety warnings.)

4. Model difference statement (if there are multiple models in the same series, the similarities and differences between the models must be clearly indicated. The declaration must be signed and sealed.)

5. Nameplate

6. Product installation structure / explosion diagram (please specify the part number and component name.)

7. List of key components (the list must be signed and sealed)

A. The components are listed in order corresponding to the code in the exploded view;

B. Fill in one for each series. If a component is only suitable for a specific model, please indicate it.

8. A copy of the certificate of important components related to safety (refer to the “Key Parts List” for the certificate, and the number on the certificate must be checked, and the parameters are consistent with the actual sample.)

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