COB package and traditional LED package are different

LED package manufacturers have something to say

What are the advantages of COB technology compared to traditional packaging technology?

1. High packaging efficiency and cost saving

The COB packaging process is similar to the SMD production process, but the COB package has a much higher packaging efficiency in dispensing, separation, grading and packaging, and can save 5% of any material and material costs compared to conventional SMD.

2. Low thermal resistance advantage

The system thermal resistance structure of the traditional SMD package is: chip-solid crystal glue-solder joint-solder paste-copper foil-insulation layer-aluminum material. The thermal resistance of the COB package system is: chip-solid glue-aluminum. The thermal resistance of COB package systems is much lower than that of traditional SMD packages, so the life of LED lamps in COB packages is greatly improved.

3. Light quality advantage

Traditional SMD packages use a patch to attach multiple discrete devices to a PCB to form a light source component for LED applications. This has problems with spotlight, glare, and ghosting. Because the COB package is an integrated package, it is a surface light source with a large viewing angle and easy adjustment, reducing the loss of light refraction.

The traditional SMD package method is to attach a plurality of different devices to the PCB board to form an LED light source component. The light source made by such a packaging process generally has problems of electro-optical, ghosting and glare. The COB light source does not have the above problem. It belongs to a surface light source, has a large viewing angle and is easy to adjust the angle, and reduces the loss of light due to refraction.

4. Application advantages

The COB light source is very easy to apply and can be directly applied to the luminaire without other processes. The traditional SMD package light source needs to be patched first and then soldered to the PCB. It is not as convenient as COB in application.

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